About Yoshikuni

 A clear blue sky and dusk with a mixture of various colors.

 Designer Yoshikuni Inoue repeated trial and error to draw a military commander with a masculine and rigid image in colors that would brighten his feelings.

 And we have arrived at a new expression that is more colorful and fun than ever before.

 In addition, the historical facts related to the military commander are written in English and expressed by typography. On top of that, I dared to weaken the visibility of the characters and bring out the beauty of the work.

 Our fabrics are knitted at a knit manufacturing factory in Wakayama, which was founded in 1920.

 Even in the present age when mass production by high-speed manufacturing machines is the mainstream, skilled craftsmen operate rare "hanging knitting machines" hung from beams to slowly knit high-quality fabrics.

 The hanging knitting machine was imported from Switzerland around 1900, but at present, only a few are actually in operation in Japan.

 The garment, which spins slowly and is knitted without applying extra force to the yarn, is fluffy and airy.

 It is comfortable to wear, feels soft every time you wash it, and has a unique texture.

 We aim to have many people pick it up. We propose clothes with a relaxed size and iconic graphics.

 I hope to brighten the life of the wearer.

 We imagine, for example, healthcare professionals working at the forefront in this difficult situation.

 Wear colorful and fashionable T-shirts under your medical clothing to lift your mood.

 The theme of military commander also includes the desire to support everyone who fights against the new coronavirus.